Doing your tax can be a time consuming, complex and a challenge. Whether lodging on time or late, it is worthwhile utilising specialists so you can maximise your return and ensure you are complying with your tax obligations. 

Austax has over 30 years experience in personal tax. The team has the knowledge and experience to assist with any individual tax return, no matter how complex, or even how simple. We can work with you face to face, or online; we operate across Australia and locally.

We work with individuals who have investment properties, small businesses, shares, managed funds, multiple jobs and complex family tax structures. Whatever your tax needs, we will look after you. 

We can Assist with:

  • Your personal and family tax returns
  • Industry Specific Deduction for all Occupations
  • Multiple years of Tax Returns 
  • Late tax returns
  • Complex returns, Investment Properties, Manage funds, Company Shares.