New Recruits Should Know Their Entitlements

New Recruits Should Know Their Entitlements

Advice For New Members of the ADF

As a new member of the Australian Airforce, Army or Navy, you should get to know the facts about how your tax return will differ from returns lodged prior to joining the ADF.

Defence force tax returns can be complicated when it comes to understanding eligibility for deductions, obligations for record keeping, and knowing your exemptions, so it’s worth reaching out to the experts at Austax, who can provide a service that focuses on knowing the full extent of your benefits and entitlements. In addition to compiling and lodging defence force tax returns, Austax can offer preemptive advice on how best to approach the yearly return to get the most out of your entitlements.

Defence Force Tax Returns – Deductions

Depending on the nature of your work in the ADF, you may be able to claim deductions for a range of items such as:

  • Field equipment or tools
  • Sun protection (Including hats, sunglasses, and sun screen)
  • Protective Footwear (if mandated by your position and rank)
  • Uniform costs and related defence specific clothing (include repair)
  • Travel related expenses

These deductions come with some fine print, for example, field equipment and tools purchased and used for work are deductible, however they must have a value below a certain marker (otherwise they may need to be depreciated), so it’s best to seek expert advice to avoid claiming items that fall outside of the fine print.