Benefits Of Working With A Tax Agent

Benefits Of Working With A Tax Agent

Tax is complicated at the best of times so most people find it less stressful to pass their information to a tax agent like Austax and leave it to us to complete their return.

The best part is that our fee is deductible in the following year’s return.

Some reasons why using a tax agent is beneficial…

One advantage to using a tax agent is added peace of mind.  We will ensure you’re compliant with the current tax laws and you’ll be safe knowing that your return has been lodged properly.


By using a tax agent every year, you’ll build up a relationship and, over time we will come to have a solid understanding of your financial situation and can provide you with the best tax advice tailored to you.


By using a tax agent, the deadline of October 31 (that applies to self-lodgers) doesn’t apply to you.  Working with an agent means you have until the 16th May next year to lodge.


Using a tax agent is a beneficial exercise if you have a return that is quite complex.  For example if you have several jobs, run a business, have rental property or and investment portfolio.  We can explain how your income is treated, what deductions you can claim and what tax breaks you’re entitled to.

Tax agents are also good allies to have on hand when the auditor comes knocking. Trust us, you don’t want to be alone when they come knocking.

Time Saver and Convenience

Everyone’s time is precious and we can all find better things to do with our time than spend hours combing through a tax return.   You can now engage our services without leaving the comfort of your home. With our Lodge Online questionnaires you have the ability to have your tax return completed via email.


We can provide you with advice and tips on what you need to retain for your tax and the best ways of maintaining your records. This will save you time and streamline your entire return process. No more hunting around for those receipts in your glove box.